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Sector: Advertising

Function: Creativity

"Hi Susan, my pronunciation is always a problem. I will find someway to improve."



Sector: Advertising, Advertising

Function: Creativity, Creativity

"Hi Susan, my pronunciation is always a problem. I will find someway to improve."




Advertising, Communications, Consulting: Human Resources, Education, Publishing, Technology


Creativity, Facilitator, Consultant, Content Developer, Editor, Executive Management, General Management, Internal Coach, Marketing, Motivation, Product Development, Professor/Lecturer, Project Management, Sales, Senior Management, Team Leadership, Training, Transformation


Times Mirror, Benjamin-Cummings, Addison-Wesley Publishing, HotelSchool The Hague


History, Italian Art, Vacations / Traveling, Mentoring

Situational Experience:

Other, innovating and developing new product

Coaching Expertise:

Develop exceptional presentation skills, Drive corporate innovation, Emotional intelligence, Influencing others, Managing difficult people, Managing conflict


Susan combines 10 years of teaching with 15 years of business experience in corporations, start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures. This broad background allows her to share her insights into both the theory and practice of business.

Susan’s experience includes sales, marketing, product development and project management, and she has been an executive level manager. She is an award-winning publishing consultant, having produced over 20 best sellers on computer science and information technology.

After her publishing career, Susan started Solomon Communications to train business people on writing, presenting, leading, managing, coaching, negotiating, resolving conflict and other skills. During this time, she taught these same subjects in undergraduate and MBA programs at university schools of business, such as San Francisco State, Western New England and Hartford Universities, as well as at the world-famous Hotel School The Hague in the Netherlands. She also became a Certified Professional Co-active Coach and coached numerous American business executives. Finally, she had a successful political career as Mayor of Sedona, Arizona.

Susan earned a BA in English magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa from Wells College. She earned a Masters and PhD in English from The University of Birmingham, England. She is CELTA certified by Cambridge University to teach English to speakers of other languages.

Susan has lived in 4 countries and visited over 30. She speaks Italian and is an avid reader of books about the Italian Renaissance.

  • Working History

  • Mayor

    City of Sedona (Arizona, US)

  • Lecturer

    HotelSchool The Hague (The Hague, Amsterdam, Netherlands)

  • Executive Editor

    Times Mirror (San Francisco, USA)

  • Senior Editor

    Benjamin-Cummings (San Francisco, USA)

  • Director of Marketing

    Addison-Wesley Publishing (San Francisco, USA)

  • Education History

  • Coaches Training Institute

    CPCC Certified Professional Coach

  • University of Cambridge

    CELTA Certified

  • Wells College

    BS, Business Administration

  • University of Birmingham

    MS, PhD

Hi Susan, my pronunciation is always a problem. I will find someway to improve.

Thanks for the great coaching!

Susan, thank you very much. I learned a lot through the session. And I found my shortcomings of my English language skills. I will try as you recommended. Great Lesson, great you!

Susan, thanks for your feedback. The pleasure is mine.I will try to speak slowly and practice pronunciation.My perception is you are approachable teacher. regards Tony

Teacher Susan helped me to understand room to improve, especially on pronunciation and phrasal verbs. Thanks a lot!

I am really impressed by examples like Hilary Clinton. They helped me better understand the implicit content.