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GloCoach takes first place at EdTech
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GloCoach takes first place at EdTech
  • #News
  • #EdTech
  • #Winners
  • #Innovation


Leaders as Servants
  • #Retention
  • #HR
  • #Well Being
  • #Team
  • #Empowerment
  • #Panel
  • #Seminar


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GloCoach takes first place at EdTech
  • #News
  • #EdTech
  • #Winners
  • #Innovation


Leaders as Servants
  • #Retention
  • #HR
  • #Well Being
  • #Team
  • #Empowerment
  • #Panel
  • #Seminar


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Situational Experience
Coaching Expertise

Adrian Cahill

Adrian has built, grown and become an integral part of the Shanghai community of people... More

Andre Gisiger

The coaching sessions with Andre are very helpful for me. For example, in my review dec... More

Antoine Tirard

Antoine is an excellent strategist with outstanding execution skills. I highly recommen... More

Arlene Thorner

Working with Snow has helped me immeasurably. Snow’s belief in me helped to dramaticall... More

Beau Giannini

Beau's a talented entrepreneur, gifted teacher and, equally important, wonderful collea... More

Beehong Hong

Beehong has been building the food business for Unilever from setting up the organizati... More

Ben Feng

Betty Zhang

Betty is a coach with strong awareness and reflection. In Betty’s coaching session, the... More

Bharath Arvind

Bharath is an exceptional leader and a communications expert. His ability to understand... More

Bin Zhao

I really enjoy working with Bin as he has great passion with the drive to achieve highe... More

Brian Yost

Brian is excellent in translating complex theory into an orderly body of knowledge that... More

Bruce Robinson

Bruce is the person who you can talk to when you want to share something with someone, ... More

Carl Li

Carl is an excellent friend and awesome coworker. Even though we live in the opposite s... More

Carolina Zorrilla Garcia

Carolina enabled me to improve my empathy and communication with my team. My relationsh... More

Cindy Chen

The biggest change of myself is that I have extended my own border, being more active t... More

Claire Lu

Clancey Houston

D Percy

D is a true expert regarding Acquisition Integration (AI). I have used D several times ... More

Dana Asher

I coach in order to equip leaders to manage rising demand and increased complexity. The... More

Daniel Elliott

Dave Marston

I started working with Dave during a time when I was the founder of a start-up company,... More

David Wang

Working alongside David was a wonderful learning experience as I was lucky enough to wo... More

David Yang

When I got stuck in my career and felt deeply insecure about the future, David listened... More

Francois Cristofari

François is a talented coach who distinguishes himself as a leader with an internationa... More

Gary Lo

I approached Gary for the role of Asst. Director of Marketing & Admissions and he welco... More

Gebi Liang

It is a really great experience of having Gebi as my coaching. At the beginning I just ... More

George Nast

Harold Ball

Harold is a super-excellent person to work with. He is a pioneer in creating edgy data ... More

Haven Carter

Haven beautifully merged laser focus, mindfulness, and practical ideas in her coaching ... More

Hedy Wei

Dear Hedy, I have read your report and find it to be the most detailed, appropriate and... More

Holly Wu

Holly is a great communicator who is always enthusiastic about people and things around... More

Hsuan Pin

My six weeks of coaching with Hsuan finished very fast! And now, from deep in my heart,... More

Isilay Cabuk

Isilay is a warm, engaging and intelligent person with a natural talent to coach people... More

Ivy Zhou

James Cheng

James are so devoted to his job, professional and warm. I felt much more confident for ... More

Jason Wang

Jason is a very professional manager who gain happiness and respect from helping others... More

Javier Delgado

Javier's Individualized Attention, Wealth Of Knowledge And Wisdom, And Honest, Candid, ... More

Jeff Hasenfratz

Jeff's coaching, counseling, and motivation was a significant factor in my successful l... More

Jenny Chen

I find Jenny's coaching style very sharp: she's able to detect valuable points during t... More

Jens Maxeiner

Jens is a powerhouse of empowerment and coaching skills. My experience of Jens is that ... More

Jim Li

Jing Xu

John Barbera

John Zhang

Jonathan Aronson

Jonathan is a coaching practitioner! He immediately built a trusting foundation on whic... More

Joyce k Reynolds

Bottom-line, our business has become more profitable, runs smoother logistically, and s... More

Julia Feng

I have known Julia for almost a decade. She is a professional trainer and educator with... More

Katherine Jin

Katherine is a brilliant coach who demonstrates innovation, resilient, solid profession... More

Ken Cheung

At a time when the success of our affiliate marketing campaign was beginning to plateau... More

Kimberley Hatherall

Kimberley is a knowledgeable, inspirational and motivational business coach who goes ab... More

Li Ma

One salesman whose sales revenue was zero in 10 months, his manager can not talk with h... More

Lily Ho

“Lily has help show me how to communicate with my customers much more effectively and e... More

Magdalena Blanco

Magdalena is a bright, conscientious, trustworthy person who pays great attention to de... More

Marcus Magee

Your strategic ideas, and their execution to the highest of standards, resulted in our ... More

Marie Lesaicherre

“On the first coaching session with Marie alone I was able to uncover new possibilities... More

Martin Lockstrom

I have known Dr. Lockstrom since 2003, where I served in my capacity as Professor and E... More

Martin Daffner

Meng Chen

Philippe Glaude

Philippe Glaude has provided us with an outstaning Behavior Styles tool. We operated to... More

Pratap Kale

Priya Gopal

Priya is genuine, warm, smart, savvy, and is a true facilitator in that she puts the fo... More

Ravindran Naicker

Renee Zhao

Richard Bell

Rita Malvone

I have had the pleasure or working with Rita on many levels. I first worked with Rita w... More

Sarah Liu

Sarah is a very good listener. She stands by me and listens to my concern and inner fea... More

Sarah Guo

I am so lucky to have Sarah as my coach. With her support and accompany, I see a world ... More

Scott Pollack

I have had the pleasure of working with Scott in serving a significant mutual client ov... More

Sergei Bismillah

Sergei fulfilled a number of roles within the organisation culminating in heading up ou... More

Sharlyn Moore

Sharlyn came to Cybertrust to take over a customer reference program that was basically... More

Sherie Li

Sherie is an accomplished coach and facilitator whose passion for helping others is rec... More

Sherry Chen

Sherry is the most inspired coach I’ve ever met. She shaped my thinking in a different ... More

Shiv Kumar

He impressed me with insight into client's challenges and his creative and practical ap... More

Shrinivas Ayyagari

I've seen Shrini in action during his stint at Budapest. He established and stabilized ... More

Siddharta Lizcano

Sina Farzaneh

Sina and I worked on a project together for THNK in 2015. His direction was extremely h... More

Sue Shi

Sunny Zhang

I think I have benefited a lot from Sunny’s Coaching. I can be very confident in public... More

Sunshine Farzan

Sunshine Farzan is a highly accomplished strategic marketer who brings three great attr... More

Surina Wang

Susan Solomon

Thanks for the great coaching! More

Sylvie Tournier

Sylvie has provided to my wife and me an outstanding intercultural preparation module f... More

Tania Melick-viessmann

“I had the privilege of working closely with Tania on a Customer Experience related pro... More

Tilman Rieger

Mr. Rieger’s experience, his true empathy, the atmosphere of confidentiality that he ma... More

Tim Wieringa

Tim was always feeding his curiosity. Always learning, listening and reading new and so... More

Tony Wang

Trina Howard

Trina is incredibly professional and knowledgeable! It is always a pleasure to work wit... More

TT Chen

TT Chen has coached several of our key talents in Asia Pacific. He was able to work wit... More

Vicky Qu

I love Vicky‘s the inspirational and reflective questions that enable me to take on var... More

Wai Yeong Chan

"As a coach, Wai Yeong has the ability to ask good questions that help clearing my mind... More

Weiming Zeng

Wen Cui

“All the finance department’s employees had planned to resign. Then under the guidance ... More

Wendy Wu

Wendy's coaching, like the seeds planted, began to sprout in the soil I worked in. In t... More

Willa Wang

Willa is the best coach I’ve ever had. When I began working with her, I faced many chal... More

Xiaotsing Ma

Xiao Qing's coaching is natural but enlightening, without pressure but has brought abou... More

Xin Liu

I had the pleasure to be coached by Liu Xin. I was impressed by her strong coaching abi... More

Young Nguyen

Throughout his career, Young has coached and mentored many subordinates as well as youn... More

Zhi ming Yuan

Ming is the best investment consultant and business coach I've ever worked with. He can... More